In this class we talk a lot about Happiness and the true meaning of it. This made me ask myself what is the true meaning of my happiness. I looked up the definition: “Happiness is a state of mind or feeling characterized by contentment, love, satisfaction, pleasure, or joy.” – Wikipedia. But how can anyone really define happiness and how do I define it? I decided to look at the things in my life that bring me those “good feelings” described in the definition and if i did feel content, love, satisfaction and pleasure, would that make me truly happy?

Here is a list of things I and many other people do on a daily basis that is supposed to cause “Happiness”

TV- i watch a lot of television, sometimes even reruns of my favorite shows- Do i feel content, pleasure, joy?  how much value does it bring to my life?  On the surface it is evident that the answer is not much value, but would i be willing to give it up and do more useful things with my time? Not really!  For me Its an escape from responsibilities and a moment to forget about my life and concentrate on someone else imaginary problems. If it’s an escape and not a true form of happiness for me, why will giving it up not make me happier? Maybe, we do need those things in life in order to be happy, but this raises the question: When TV wasn’t around were people doing more “meaningful” things with their time, were they “happier” and did it bring them more experiences in life. So does more experiences bring happiness or is ignorance bliss?

Work- I don’t like my job but i need thee money in order to be happy, to go travel, to buy books, to go to school. And it does bring a sense of achievement and satisfaction  but it doesn’t make me happy. I work to live but i don’t live to work.

School- Having a higher education is a life goal for me but frankly i don’t enjoy school all that much. In a broader sense i do prefer school to my bartending job and i cannot wait to work in my field (Accounting) but i find that the experiences i get from people outside school is something i value much more.

I think that not everything in life needs to bring you happiness and maybe the best way to look at it is like in business in terms of Investment. Maybe the best definition for happiness should be similar than the one for Investment: short-term or long-term commitment  to different activities in life  in order to gain  appreciation of the value of life.