Consequence of ecosystem service loss
•“If the Earth was a listed company, this would represent a loss of capital asset of 60 per cent.” UN
So in my research, i found out some pretty amazing things that really motivate me to work in this field. First of all there is just so many problems with the current model of accounting. Most companies don’t consider the true economic value of producing something, just the marketed and priced value of commodities and in terms of producing input/output.
Here is a pretty good description of what it should be

We spend a lot of time in school learning about economics and opportunity cost. It really aggravates me that we learn models based purely on one side of the story.  The information is available but is still undermined in most academic areas. I don’t understand how schools can teach us half truths and the disillusion it creates for people such as myself. We are programmed to think only about profits, economic wealth and growth. It creates leaders that are irresponsible and ignorant but yet over-educated? How can companies not have a valuation models to account for current or predict future financial impacts associated with ecosystem service decline?
The research goes on….i will be trying to figure out what is actually being done and how can i help!