Ok i am really happy to find out about this organization! They are a coalition that use and develop the world’s most widespread sustainability reporting.  They have created a network of organizations around the world that understand the importance  of “going green” on their financial statements. We talked in class about the so called invisible movement that is currently taking place around the world. I think this group is definitely part of this movement and they are in my field if studies. I am impressed by the size of this organization.  Here are some numbers to illustrate the importance of their business:

GRI reporting by Country

This is a company i would love to work for, they are doing a bi-yearly conference in the Netherlands about their work and invite speakers in the industry around the world. If i am going to be serious about making a career with those values, i definitely need to get on the wagon. I’ve decided to travel to Amsterdam in 2 years time and be there. I’m not sure how i am going to do it since they offer spaces to companies and a few Phd. students and i am neither, but im making this my goal!