So Montreal is suppose to be a green city right? Not so much! I just just started to work in a new restaurant called Weinsten & Gavinos on Crescent street. This restaurant has a HUGE turnover with hundreds of sits and sell mostly wine and beer. I was outraged when asked by the managers to throw away all glass, paper, beer bottles! When i asked why we didn’t recycle, i was given a poor reason. Apparently because of the turnover, they fill up their bins to quickly and  the trucks don’t collect fast enough. I intend to go to the source of the problem as i have a meeting with the owner of the restaurant and i intent to confront him about it. I also got the feeling that the staff didn’t really give a crap about it and most didn’t even question or realize what a waste that was. Maybe i am assuming but i saw no hesitation and everyone i talked to gave me big eyes and i got responses such as “that’s a good question”. I was also classified as an environmentalist. It is funny how people will jump to conclusion just because you do a little questioning of the people in charge. I don’t consider myself environmentalist nor any other ists, i feel like this makes common sense and that waste and pollution should not be encourage.  So what does that makes me?