So i had my meeting with the Big Boss today. We talk a lot in this class about pushing personal borders, i would say this was it.  Its only been 2 weeks i work at this place and i already managed to let everyone know how i think this restaurant is irresponsible and this was my first time meeting the  owner and i was about to give him a harsh criticism. My feelings were kind of mixed because i was actually pretty nervous and didn’t know what kind of person he was or how well he is going to react to what i had to say. I didn’t know if he was going to encourage my “thinking outside the box” or condemn me for telling him how to run his restaurant but i figured that if i ever what to be able to make a difference in the world, i had to start somewhere and speak up.  Tom, the owner, turned out to be a generally nice guy. I asked him if there was a reason why this restaurant didn’t recycle and of its  glass, paper, etc, where so many others have recycling programs? He told me it was a very good question and he had no idea apparently.  So i started my speech on waste and how i was sure that many clients would not appreciate this , including me, and that he was one of the only restaurant in town that didn’t do it. He immediately asked to speak to the general manager so he can ask him how come and said that his wife would kill him too if she ever found out about this. Then he dismissed me and kept trying to call the manager. I felt pretty good, imagining being part of making the change in this restaurant, and having separate bins for all materials, in general i was happy about it. However, as i saw the manger walk past me, i did something i am not too proud of. As the manger came and i was still within a distance where i could hear their conversation,  i ear-dropped on them. Turns out the owner didn’t even mention the recycling thing. He just talked about other issues and completely ignored my concerns.  I did leave but let me say something IT IS ON!  I might get fired but i definitely make sure before i leave this place, there is a recycling system in place. Goal #2