Ok so i decided to find out just how many establishments don’t recycle on that street. So i went to Stogies, Winston Churchill Pub, Newtown, Madhatters. XOXO and Hurleys to ask the staff what were their recycling standards. Cost me an arm and a leg on drinks and i was pretty tipsy by the end of it but here is what i found out. Turns out most of them recycle bottled beer because they get a commission on them but some such as Newtown doesn’t recycle at all. I found out thought that it was the same owners than my restaurant, so i guess that explains a few things.  I also found out that there is Crescent Street Merchants Association which goal is ” to reinforce the image of the street as being a commercial street focused on entertainment, hospitality and quality establishments. We take care of our environment by ensuring safety, cleanliness, promotion, and by looking after the general improvement of the street”…. So i guess as long as it is cleaned on the outside, it doesn’t matter what they do on the inside. I intent to contact the president or at least send him an email explaining my concerns, i will let you guys know how it turns out.