I guess my first entry is going to be a description of the world as i see it and since its a place of mystery most of it raises more questions than answers any. One of the things that really really spoke to me came from a book called ” The New Earth” by  Eckhart Tolle. The voice in the head.

Do you know the person that you speak to in your head? The continuous dialogue that you carry with yourself; always going over the same events, always thinking in a compulsive way about anything and everything. Most people tend to think of this as part of who they are, something that makes a person and determines their values and personality. If we look closer, isn’t that what we do with material things as well. We endow car, clothes, house with a sense of self and make them a part of our identity. And the more we buy, the more we want, the more we identify with things… So what kind of world does this create? A world deadened from real reality, replaced by a conceptualized one. Our conditioned mind creates attachment to things to the point of obsession sometimes even. So here is a question how much can you really trust that voice in your head? Is it really independent thinking that we do or is your mind just conditioned to think the way it does?

As i was reading this book, I was traveling Europe, trying to do some soul searching.  I was traveling by myself for over a month, I got A LOT of time left alone with “the voice in my head”. I am very opinionated person and i do identify with my thoughts and make them a part of who i am. There is no secret there. But what would happen if i stopped thinking, if i cleared my mind and no judgment, no opinions just observed the world around me for a minute and  let no thoughts crawl into my head? I was so surprise on what i was missing out on. I was on a train going to Reigns in France, I realized by how much beauty i was surrounded without really appreciating it. All the colors, the little houses, the country side.  I was missing out on all this beauty because i was too busy recalling things from the past or thinking about the future, too busy  having a dialogue with myself  IN MY HEAD. I realized just how out of tune i was with the universe. How often do you stop thinking and just enjoy whats in front of you, enjoy the moment and be present. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel any less of myself when i wasn’t thinking and just enjoying Being. I felt peace, i felt as if i was one with the world, as if this is how things should be.  With this realization came another one, how difficult it was to not let “the thinker” creep back in. Within seconds, i started to have an opinion on something.   It was an incessant stream of involuntary and compulsive thinking and emotions and as long as i was unaware of this, i took it to be who i was.

So everyday, many times a day,  I try to do this exercise.  Whether i am waiting in line, walking or taking the bus. I try to stay Present, in the moment for just a minute or two. No opinions, no complaints or labeling… just a free mind.  And i suggest everyone should try this. Next time your outside or even right now: Clear your mind, look around and try to be in tune with the things around you, try to feel the “inner you” and most importantly do not let the voice in your head in…at least for a couple of seconds. You might be surprise how good it feels.

So I will end this with a quote   “Life isn’t as serious as your mind makes it out to be”